Seeing is Not Believing serial series

when Desperate Measures are all you have left

Seeing is Not Believing Chapter 1


Have you ever had one of those moments… when you were absolutely certain you saw someone just beyond the edge of your vision, but you knew it was absolutely impossible – because no one else was there…

Five years ago, a young, struggling author sold her novel to a big publisher.

Now, the fantasy world she wrote about is in desperate need of an infusion of…




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  when the idea is no longer yours

Seeing is Not Believing Chapter 2

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt so completely amazing, that you were convinced – no matter what happened – nothing could go wrong?

Have you ever woken up, having that feeling, and then…

Absolutely everything went wrong.

When that struggling author sold her book idea to a publisher, she had no idea it would be an international best-seller. Certainly not that there would be four more books released in that series – also best-sellers – or that she would not be allowed to write them.

And now the fantasy world in desperate need of…


Just how is she supposed to help them?



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They call themselves the link

Seeing is Not Believing Chapter 3

Writing is a solitary pursuit. Never let anyone tell you different. And they’ll try. Believe me. Friends. Family. Room-mates. Agents. Strange alien visitors. They’ll all try to tell you that they know better than you.

But who knows better than the author, that they need solitude to do what it is that they do?

It certainly doesn’t help when aliens look over your shoulder… or guilt trip you when you decide you need coffee… or when you return home to find strangers waiting for you, in your house, doing their best to intimidate you over something you didn’t ask to be a part of in the first place.

Just how are you supposed to write with all of that?

Much less help an entire world in need… desperate need…



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this thing called distraction

Seeing is Not Believing Chapter 4

Did you know that writing is not actually considered a job by a lot of people? No. Really, it’s the truth. Most of my relatives do not consider what I do to be a job.

They say things like, “It’s good you’re having fun with your little hobby, but when are you going to get a real job?” with a shocking regularity.

And the irony… When you finally find the solution that could possibly save an entire world… to be bombarded by distractions day and night… Family dropping in without warning. Family calling to give you a hard time. As if finding the solution was not enough… Now you have to find a way to actually work.



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