Why authors should take full advantage of Little Free Libraries!

Hopefully, if you’re a reader, you already know what a Little Free Library is.

If not, you should definitely check out their WEBSITE and learn more.

As an author of science fiction/fantasy, I particularly enjoy the library pictured and others like it. You would not believe how creative some librarians get… like the IRL librarian who turned a rotting tree into one of these lovely little reading spots for her neighborhood!


For authors, these wonderful little gems sprinkled all across the world represent a treasure trove of opportunity. Not only can you take full advantage of the opportunity to find new books… You can fill them with books of your own.

And, in this instance, they don’t even have to be new books. Have a copy that someone dropped at an author event and bent the cover… a copy that has had the spine broken… a copy that wasn’t printed correctly… or an advance reader copy that never found a home…


I know I will be!

Use the MAP feature and find Little Free Libraries near you, or near an author event, or along a vacation route… and stop to drop in a book.

You never know who will pull it out of the box…

And, if they love it, they’re a lot more likely to recommend the book to their friends AND buy your others for themselves too!

Talk about an unexpected way to market your books…




Article ©JCMorrows 2019

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