Reading and going at your own pace…

As an author of both young adult and middle grade fiction; and as a home-schooling mom, I feel it is important to share this with you.

My dear friend; Dana Mentink posted a video on Instagram that contains a VERY important message about reading…



Evidently, someone made a comment on twitter about teachers stifling Children’s reading potential by giving them leveled readers…

Dana is a teacher, so she knows a lot about this and what she said is absolutely brilliant!

I’m just going to add another little tidbit; as a mom who LOVES to read, and has struggled a bit with both her children… both great readers who had a particularly rough start (for very different reasons).

Yes! It is very important to start slow, and ease your children into reading. Also, you have to be certain they’re comfortable where they are before you push them further. However, here is the additional bit:

1) if you think your children are ready to move beyond what their teacher has them reading, there’s nothing that says you can’t give them more advanced books on your own.

2) remember; it is more important to let your child go at their own pace, whether that be quick or slow. You do not want to rush them or drag them behind and accidentally destroy their love of Reading!

The most important part is to do everything you can to encourage the love of Reading!



Article ©JCMorrows 2019

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