Movies, Media, and Meaning of life stuff…


We talk a lot about meaning of life stuff. We search for meaning and answers in everyday events and in the mundane of day to day living. We do our jobs and we secretly dream about doing what we really love, but how many of us can actually say that we are living our dream?

I CAN! I am living MY DREAM!

I get to share my knowledge with aspiring authors and encourage young writers to follow their own dreams of writing. I get to answer questions that otherwise might never get answered. I get to meet readers and mingle with authors who are my heroes. And I get to tell stories. . . EVERY DAY! There is nothing better in my book.


This morning, I had the honor of attending the 5th Annual Young Creative Writers Conference at Pellissippi State Community College. All day, I was able to chat with aspiring authors of all ages. I had the privilege of talking books with readers. And I was blessed to have the opportunity to share some of my knowledge with fellow authors and aspiring authors. It was a GREAT. DAY!

Then we came home to relax and watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” – and, after the amazing day I’d had, I was sitting here thinking about life and about what I’m doing with my time, and I started to realize just how amazing my life is at the moment.


All this to say; LIFE is short! LIVE your dreams! EVERY. DAY!

©JCMorrows 2018

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