Are you an author lost in the sea of social media?

Do you struggle to understand hashtags and tagging and the differences between LIKES and FOLLOWS and FRIENDING?

Do you wish you knew why all those crazy sites are even necessary for authors?



Join web guru JC Morrows as she presents her unique workshop: SOCIAL MEDIA FOR DUMMIES (otherwise known as: Teaching authors NEW tricks to survive in the cyber-world of TODAY!)

The publishing world changes nearly every day and most authors are struggling to keep up. Once upon a time, all an author had to do was write a GREAT book! This is no longer the case. . . and for more than just mid-list authors.

JC will introduce attendees to the basic social media platforms that most ten-year-olds in America are already familiar with AND show them how to get a running start.

BONUS: The DOs and DON’Ts of Facebook Parties and why they are crucial to success!

JC Morrows was dragged kicking and screaming by her geek mom onto the World Wide Web, where she surprisingly flourished. Now, a trained Graphic designer and self-made web guru, she devotes herself to helping authors help find their way across the digital desert that has hung many authors out to dry.

She also writes.


If you would like to book a workshop with JC, use the form below and someone will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you!



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