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WOW! Thanks to some AMAZING friends . . . and fans, I have had some CRAZY amounts of sign-ups lately on my newsletter!

As my way of saying Thank you:

– ANYONE who signs up for my newsletter will receive a FREE e-copy of A Perilous Assignment 

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Also . . .

– EACH month, I will be running a contest EXCLUSIVELY for my newsletter subscribers to win a $5 gift card! I will pick a name at random from the subscribers. (I say that I will, but I know my kiddos will claim that honor…LOL) Sometimes the gift card will be for Starbucks (my personal favorite place for great coffee), Sometimes it will be for Amazon (because seriously… who doesn’t need more books!), and sometimes it will be for some totally random place like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, etc . . . The winner will be chosen from Newsletter subscribers and announced ONLY in the newsletter!

And – last, but certainly not least:

– Subscribers will get an EARLY look at news and updates about my books!


What do you have to do to get all this AWESOME stuff? Subscribe to my newsletter and check it out each month, Look for awesome news… and of course, your name – as the monthly winner.


So click that big image up there and fill out the required fields! Get in on this!


And have a Blessed day!


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