It’s HERE! It’s RELEASE DAY! Doin’ my Happy Dance!!!

A Reluctant AssassinIt’s HERE! It’s HERE! The day has arrived!

A Reluctant Assassin is LIVE in stores!

I don’t know about you but I. Am. Excited!!! But then, it would be pretty silly if I weren’t…

I have waited so long for this day! I’ve prayed and I’ve worked hard. I’ve thrown myself into my work and have been so very blessed along the way to have some AMAZING encouragement!


And ALL of that . . . every single bit of it – the talent, the ability, the encouragement, the path, even the follow-through . . . is thanks to GOD!

God blessed me with the talent for storytelling. HE gifted me with the ability to shape those stories into novels. HE surrounded me with wonderful people who are such a blessing to me . . . each and every day! HE put us on this path and he gave me the strength, the courage, the audacity to see it through to the end.

I would NOT be here today if I had not followed God’s leading. I would not have written this story if it hadn’t been for God’s divine intervention! HE gave me this story and HE gave me the message that I have worked so very hard to weave into every word . . . every chapter . . . every conversation.

I KNOW – no matter what happens with this book, from the number of copies sold to the areas of the world that are reached, it is ALL GOD!

And I can’t forget the GREATEST gift that GOD gave me in all of this – the person who believed in me before I knew I had talent, the woman who pushed me to finish that first book, the one who consoled me through every rejection letter and agent who never called or returned my e-mails.

She encouraged and brainstormed and pushed some more with each new idea I had – and then she celebrated with me when A Reluctant Assassin became a reality! She shared and shouted about A Perilous Assignment, and then reminded me to get going on book 2: A Treacherous Decision!

MOM – I could not have done ANY of this without YOU! God TRULY blessed me the day he decided to make you my mother!

Are you crying yet…? 

Hi Mom! LOVE YOU!!!


Oh yeah . . . and today is NATIONAL COFFEE DAY TOO! Could this day get any better!!!!

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One thought on “It’s HERE! It’s RELEASE DAY! Doin’ my Happy Dance!!!

  1. I’m shedding happy tears with you JC! What an incredible journey you’ve been on with God walking with you each step of the way. And thank God for your amazing mother right there with you. Congratulations and to God be the praise and glory for what He is doing through your writing!!


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