So… who is really the weird one here?

It’s an intriguing question…


The image above [and the post that goes with it] came up in my newsfeed this morning – reminding me of my thoughts when I posted it a year ago.

Ironically enough, though I had just finished writing an entire series that was set in a dystopian-esque world with a strong steam theme, I had barely begun to scratch the surface of that amazingly unique and {some would say strange} world that is “Steampunk”.

I have since come to the conclusion that my original claim that my series was not in fact officially steam”punk” is entirely accurate – though not for all of the reasons I thought.

However, this post sent me into an extra level of introspection on the subject.

Many “normal” people out there in the world think those of us who dress in unique or “different” ways are weird or even crazy.

But – are we?

. . .

I used to really enjoy watching the Addams Family.

Yes, they were creepy. Yes, they had some extremely strange ideas about what was fun.

And yes, they dressed different. They acted different. They thought different.

And their family values were different… because even though they’re weird and strange, they’re a very tight-knit family… shown at a time when families were beginning to spend less and less time together.

It really makes a person think… or at least, it does me.

. . .

And then there’s the modesty – which is what I mentioned in my original post.

Here’s another shot… And yes, I would SOOOO wear that swimsuit!

Granted, there are many… many . . . many outfits in the steampunk genre that are designed only to be sexy, but… there are just as many [if not more] that are about so much more! They’re designed to be original, to catch the eye with design rather than lack of material, and to bring you into that other world… the world of anything is possible!

THAT more than anything else is what draws me to the steam genre.

It’s why I write fantasy. It’s why I read fantasy!

I thrive on the idea that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! …especially in the world we live in today, where science fiction is becoming fact all around us – everyday.

Our young people need to know that they can DO anything! BE anything! They need encouragement and inspiration and support! They need to feel free to follow their dreams and explore their options in life.

And they need us to lead them . . . guide them . . . teach them – so that when it’s time to set them free to stretch those wings, they know how the world works.

And they need to know that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!



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