LIVE with the Founder of Hometown Reads!


Today I had the pleasure of chatting LIVE with Becky Robinson, founder of Weaving Influence and Hometown Reads, and it was AWESOME!

We talked about what got me started, what I do for marketing, why I LOVE social media, and… of course… MY BOOKS!

One of the BEST things about Facebook LIVE is that you don’t miss anything if you miss the LIVE video. Yes, it’s fantastic that you can interact during the video, but it’s even better that you can continue to interact after the recording is done. It stays right there in the page and you can comment all you want.

So, if you missed the LIVE stream, you don’t have to miss the video. Go check it out and comment. And CONNECT!


I would be happy to answer any questions you have, either on the post or here on my website, or on my own social media page(s). Ask away!


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