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TAKEN is book 1 of the Andarii Chronicles.




From the back cover:



TAKEN is an epic story of conflict and self-exploration. In this first “chapter” we meet our main character Gwyn . . . and we are introduced to her struggle to get home.

This is not a story you want to miss; this book, or any book of this series. It’s a story that spans galaxies, involves multiple peoples, and it will reveal a destiny that no one saw coming.

No prophecy brought her here. No ancient oracle foretold her coming. No ancient tablet spoke about the role she is destined to fill. But life and fate brought her where she needs to be to save more than one planet.


Andarii is my own little world and I will be happy to show you around. Despite the war that has raged there for centuries, this world is filled with intriguing characters and fascinating discoveries!

I will happily be your guide to those characters and their secrets!

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