What the publishing industry misses…

I’ve been reading about this intriguing discovery about the name behind the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

In the article, there is a slight debate about whether the publishing companies should put so much support behind their popular authors or not but the most important reality, in my opinion, has been missed entirely.

What publishers and even agents fail to realize is if they continue to ignore new authors, they will soon have no best-selling authors to throw all of their support at. The recent explosion of attention to authors who are topping the best-seller list has editors and agents clinging to their coat tails for the wild ride to fame. And in that wild ride, new authors with just as much potential are being passed by.

Self publishing is not “the new thing to do” because its better or easier or even because authors get to have more control. It has gained popularity because good books by new authors are being ignored by the publishing industry.

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