Things I have learned about reading, about life, about me Part 2 of 3

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If you have not read PART 1 of this article, you may want to go do that first.

This article is written in three parts and they are meant to be read in order. But you’re welcome to be a rebel and read this part first. Or you can go to the last part and read it first! Your call!

Things I have learned Part 2

I’m not sure how often in my youth I wrote down stories. I’m told that I was telling stories before I could even read so I know they had to come from my imagination. But to my recollection, the first stories I really wrote down were in school for assignments.

I dabbled in story writing as a young woman but you’ll remember/see in PART 1 of this article that I became a mother soon after college and that required all of my spare time for many years.

However, my boundless imagination will not be suppressed by much. Over the years, I have started countless stories — only to be deterred by life.

But a little over a year ago,

I decided I was going to stop letting life get in my way.

SO I started writing. I struggled and I wrote and I struggled. It took me a long time to get a good rhythm going but I finally did. I wrote and wrote and wrote. And finally, I finished. Then I had to edit. So I did. I edited until I couldn’t think of anything else to edit. Then I turned it over to my editor and let her take a crack at it.

I had high expectations. I had grand plans.

I had lofty ideas about where my story would go, how well it would do and the kind of attention it would garner.

So far, all it has gotten is a bunch of “No thank Yous” from agents, one ARC reader who loves it and one ARC reader who isn’t sure she even likes it.

So now I am rewriting. I’m working on other things too. I’m trying to give my story something that might make it more appealing, perhaps to a Young Adult audience . . .

Go HERE to read part 3


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