STEPSISTER TO SUE LOCAL COBBLER… And an UPDATE on the Grimm Report Debacle.

Only this morning, in a surprise move, the eldest of two stepsisters to our new princess and queen-to-be announced that she would be bringing charges against the village cobbler. The petition itself has not been made public as yet. However, this reporter has managed to ferret out a hint of the basis behind this latest legal action.

Rumours have flown through the royal court recently that the prince’s marriage to our beloved new princess was not sanctioned by the princess’s own family. The rumours have yet to be substantiated and when approached for an interview, the family refused to make a comment.

This reporter has also uncovered evidence that the Princess’s family has been in dire straits for some time. Apparently the Princess’s stepmother made some bad investments and business decisions after the passing of the Princess’s father some ten years ago. Could this be one of the reasons for the recent legal action taken? Until the documents are made public, we will have only rumour to rely on. So I leave it to you.

In Other news: An update on The Recent Grimm Report Debacle:

The situation has been remedied. It was largely a miscommunication and has been amicably settled.

I am going to leave my previous post up so everyone who wants to see it, can. And because I know how frustrating it is to walk in on a situation and find that the subject of everyone’s discussion has been removed.

At this time, I am not actively working on any more articles for the Grimm Report but that is due more to my own process than anything else. I am not a journalist by trade or talent so I think I will be sticking to Novels and Novellas in the foreseeable future.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not make a judgment on The Grimm Report blog based on this recent event.

Read their blog and decide for yourself what you think of them.

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