Midnight Madness… NaNoNuts!

Have you ever worked up to a midnight deadline?

NaNoDays by Caffeine

The scramble before midnight is a sight to behold.

I found this silly picture of owls some time ago and decided it needed to be NaNoed.

I think it’s a pretty accurate depiction but what do you think?

At any rate, on to the midnight madness. This madness actually hinged on being to a certain point BY midnight, as opposed to starting something crazy at midnight.

I was racing to get to 2500 words for the day and, while I did not get to it, I did get very close and I’m still ahead of the daily NaNo goal so I’m pretty happy with it.

What’s going to be interesting is the midnight deadline on November 30th.

THAT will be a night of insanity all over the globe.

GOOD LUCK all you WriMos!

© J.C. Morrows 2013

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God Bless You!

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