Back in the saddle again!



Well, two days ago I was feeling very despondent. I lost so much momentum over the weekend and my word count was nowhere near where I wanted it. I thought writing on a long holiday weekend where I had plenty of time would be easy… right? Ya think? NOT!

Basically I feel like I’ve been slugging uphill in the mud after it’s been raining for a week straight weighted down with the world I was trying to create.

Nice image right?

And then this morning, the dam broke. The words flowed and the word count jumped again! I wrote almost 3,000 words in just over two hours!


The novel is moving and I am not yet done for the day!

And hey…at least yesterday, I had the excuse that I wrote 1325 words on an incredibly long and drawn out blog post! LOL! And if you haven’t read it scroll down or click the little thing that says “PREVIOUS POST” and check it out!



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God Bless You!

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