I’ve been nominated for the Most Uplifting Blogger Award

So wonderful to see how fast good things spread!

Onto Her Bookshelf

I’m honored to be nominated for the Most Uplifting Blogger Award! J.C. Morrows created this award and nominated several blogs to get the ball rolling, which eventually rolled over to me. Thanks for nominating me, Booklovers1! I’m honored and I’m glad you find my blog uplifting. As with other awards, there are some rules that go along with it.

Most Uplifting Blogger AwardHow this works is:

  • You nominate at least 7 (more if you like) blogs for the award.
    (The blog MUST be uplifting in SOME WAY. Doesn’t have to be religious – just uplifting)
  • Write a post telling us who you’ve nominated and don’t forget to thank the person who nominated you.
  • Tell us 7 things you are Thankful about/for! (Again, doesn’t have to be religious – most anything will do)
  • Make sure you let the bloggers you’ve nominated know about it.
  • Wear your badge with pride (Post it somewhere on your blog)

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