ACFW, the Hyatt and… The third floor

At the annual (my first time attending) ACFW conference this year, our wonderful emcee was the fabulously funny Brandilyn Collins and she was intrigued by the mystery of the third floor.

The elevators in the Hyatt where our conference was held went from floor 1 to 2 to 4 but after a bit of investigating, Brandilyn discovered there was actually a third floor – just no stop for it on our elevators.

She invited us to put on our storytelling hats and come up with ideas for what might lie on the mysterious third floor. The ideas ran the gamut from the silly and quirky to slightly sinister and Brandilyn put all of us on the edge of our seats with each reading. It makes me want to read her books – even though seatbelt suspense is not my genre of choice…

I came up with an idea but never got the chance to slip the paper to Brandilyn so I thought I would share it here…


Have you all noticed how quickly your phone and laptop batteries drain here in the hotel?

I know, you thought it might be due to the thickness of the walls and the constant search for a clear signal but that isn’t it at all.

The reason for it is explained by what lies on the mysterious third floor of the hotel.

On the third floor of the hotel, lives a person with a unique body chemistry that allows them to drain power from electronic devices around them and funnel it into a special device that then powers the hotel.


How’s that for an idea? Pretty “out there” huh…


Aside from this fun little story, I have to tell you that this conference was by far the best I have attended yet! I met so many wonderful authors and I look forward to many more conferences where I can visit with them again!

ACFW is a terrific organization. I learned so much and I look forward to many more e-mails and loop discussions with friends!

God Bless!

©JC Morrows 2014

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