You simply can not “unsee” something…

Once upon a time, I watched horror movies… the scarier the better.


I simply could not get enough of them.

It started out innocently enough but soon developed into an obsession. And it soon expanded into other areas. I began seeking out roller coasters that were ridiculously fast, high, dangerous…

It even seeped over into my personal life… I won’t go into great detail here but I’ll say this – I shudder when I think of some of the things I got into all those years ago.

I had no idea of the damage I was inflicting upon myself… and my own future. I am fortunate that God had some pretty amazing plans for my life – otherwise I might have met a particularly horrific end.

And today, while watching a movie with my family, I was reminded of something that haunts me to this day.

Let me say first – many of you will think you know what movie I am referring to by what I have to say in my next comment but it is NOT the one that will immediately come to mind for most people NO, I’m not going to say the actual name… but some of you will know which movie I’m talking about.

I am terrified – right down to the bone – of clowns.

No, I don’t run and hide from them. No, I don’t scream at the sight of them. Bbt I do shudder if I am confronted with one and I will NEVER willingly (ONLY for my sweet children) expose myself to one.

Yes, my children love the circus and I force myself to go year after year and I am innumerably blessed that my children don’t seem to notice my reluctance to look at or interact with the clowns who invariably greet people at the door.

I wish I had known all those years ago – just how important it is to shield yourself from as much of the evil in this world as you possibly can.

No, we can’t hide ourselves away in a cave or even in our use home – but we should exercise extreme caution in what we read and watch… and in what our children read and watch!

And this is why I will never read certain books (50 Shades of Grey immediately jumps to mind) or watch certain movies (Noah is the first movie I think of but there are thousands more)!

If I had known of the lasting damage my watching and reading habits would have… I would have adopted this philosophy in my teens! Bent all I can do is go forward and embrace it now!


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© JCMorows 2015


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