Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Queen Shiara Alessa Whynn Fortine | Character Bio – A Reluctant Assassin

OK… I did NOT see this one coming. Seriously, when I wrote the part, I had a fuzzy sort of picture in my head but – when I went looking for a picture for the character bio – this picture jumped out at me, and the moment I saw it, I KNEW she was Queen Shiara!

Introducing… Her Majesty,
Queen Shiara Alessa Whynn-Fortine 

Queen Shiara

Shiara Whynn never wanted to be Queen. She never even dreamed of being a Princess – but when she married Prince Devron, it was only a matter of time…

And now she must guide the Prince in making the most important decision he will ever make in his life, and she must do it… alone.

Queen Shiara’s story might have had a Cinderella beginning but the fairy tale did not last nearly long enough.

She grew up in the streets of a war-torn city with no ties to the throne and no illusions that she would ever see it… much less be crowned Queen of the very people she had lived among for twenty-three years.

There are quite a few secrets lurking beneath the calm, quiet exterior of Auralius’ mourning Queen but… you will have to read the series (including the bonus novella JC already has planned) to figure them all out.

In the meantime here are a few basic stats for you to relish:

Age – 46

Hair – brown

Eyes – brown

Height – 5’7″

Build – slim, striking

Personal Details – Calm, quiet, sad, a devoted mother, grieving widow, beloved Queen


My awesome launch team picked Queen Shiara to go next. Aren’t they fantastic!

Be sure to keep an eye out on my blog and my website for news, updates and more info on A Reluctant Assassin  and the remainder of the series.


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Is there more you want to know about Queen Shiara? Ask your questions below and I will answer as many of them as I possibly can.

And watch for more character sketches in the weeks to come.

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