What really frightens me… is that this was nearly twenty years ago.


The following video contains shocking and upsetting statements – at least… it should upset you to think about people who pretend it’s OK to do such atrocious things!

I read a post earlier today about a Pulitzer winning photo that has changed how the author looks at everything and I was reminded of this show I used to watch; Judging Amy.

When I watched the show, one of the things I always found myself wondering was; how much nerve and strength and what a strong sense of justice a person would need – to be a juvenile court judge or a social worker with DCFS.

Just watching the things Amy and Maxine went through every day (and those were just the things deemed appropriate for the viewing audience – which amount to less than a tiny fraction of the things Maxine mentioned in the video above), was exhausting for me.

With the post I mentioned earlier which can be found HERE in mind, I can’t help but wonder how so many of us can ignore the things going on right under our noses…

This, I believe, is one of the profound reasons our society is in such desperate need of help – because we have closed our eyes to such atrocities!

Our children are they only real contribution to the world that we have to make!

We need to stop taking them for granted, stop ignoring them, and we really need to teach them to stand up and take responsibility; for themselves, for their decisions, for their mistakes.

If we don’t… It’s going to be too late – very soon!


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