Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Marek Montvene III | Character Bio – A Reluctant Assassin

Every main character needs a best friend…

Prince Dvarius is no different. Since they were boys, Marek and Dvarius have been the best of friends… confidantes and allies.


Marek Montvene III

MarekMarek Montvene has known Prince Dvarius his entire life. They joke many times about switching places but it goes no further than that…


Marek is the kind of fun-loving, easy-going, best-buddy type that many men envy – and in many ways Prince Dvarius does envy his best friend.


He envies the freedom… and the lack of responsibility that Marek enjoys. 

Marek is the polar opposite of Dvarius; bold where Dvarius is cautious, outgoing where Dvarius is reserved, rash where Dvarius is diplomatic.

He has a reputation as a ladies man and something of a lay-about… but there are depths to his character that will be hinted at in this first installment, so watch for them… and as the series continues, we will see more and more of his character shining through the playboy façade.

In the meantime here are a few basic stats for you to relish:

Age – 24

Hair – sandy brown

Eyes – hazel

Height – 6’0″

Build – smoothly handsome, lean and muscular.

Personal Details – somewhat reckless, shameless flirt, staunchly loyal, unobtrusively intelligent.


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Is there more you want to know about Marek? Ask your questions below and I will answer as many of them as I possibly can.

And watch for more character sketches in the weeks to come.

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