Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Kayden Leinna Argos | Character Bio – A Reluctant Assassin

We have come (to my way of thinking) to the most important bio of them all.

I was talking with my editor about this the other night… and I was shocked to realize something that had not even occurred to me before that moment.

Of all my stories… of all my characters… Kayden is actually the least like me.

Of course, this might be a good thing – since she is, after all, an assassin (nope, not me).

Most authors write a little – or even a lot – of themselves into their characters. They give the characters their traits… and their flaws. They literally pour their heart and soul into the story – through their characters.

Kayden Leinna Argos


Kayden Leinna Argos


For anyone who hasn’t guessed yet – no, that is not her real name.


What is her real name, you ask?  I’m not telling… yet. 


Unfortunately, this is going to be the character bio with the least amount of information.


You see, Kayden is supposed to be somewhat of a mystery.


She is an undercover agent with a clandestine organization who has been sent to assassinate the Prince of Auralius.


Did you really expect to find out everything about her right away?

Surely not…

Some things I can tell you – Kayden was left on her own at a very young age. She is a survivor, so she learned how to take care of herself quickly – and she did a pretty good job. Until one night when she walked down the wrong street and… well, suffice to say she was rescued and ended up with an operative of the Order of the MoonStone – who saw something special in her and had her trained.

Fast forward seven years and she has been hand-selected by the head of MoonStone to kill Prince Dvarius.

OK… that’s it. Any more than that and I may ruin the book for some people. It releases in 4 days.

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In the meantime here are a few basic stats for you to relish:

Age – 17

Hair – red – though she dyes it black for certain ops (there has been some confusion about this; sometimes I forget you are not in my head… so you don’t know these things)

Eyes – pewter

Height – 5’6″

Build – small in stature – almost too thin; due mostly to her time on the streets.

Personal Details – No faith to speak of, secretly impulsive (but working on it), outspoken, athletic – detests being stuck indoors.


Be sure to keep an eye out on my blog and my website for news, updates and more info on A Reluctant Assassin  and the remainder of the series.

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Is there more you want to know about Kayden? Ask your questions below and I will answer as many of them as I possibly can.

And watch for more character sketches in the weeks to come.

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