COVER REVEAL! “Rebirth” BY Amy Brock McNew | RELEASES MAY 2016!

Thank you Amy, for inviting me to be a part of this cover reveal!

I don’t know about all of you, but I am looking forward to this one!

I’m also thrilled and priveledged to announce that Rebirth will release Tuesday, May 24th – with a Facebook launch party on the following Thursday evening. (Details on Amy Brock McNew’s physical launch celebration to come soon.)

WHOO HOO! May 24th! That is SOOOOO Close!


Are you as excited as I am?


I know you are, so I’ll stop torturing you now!


HERE is the cover!


REBIRTH by Amy Brock McNew
Click for full size


Now, here is a bit more about the book . . . just to whet your appetite!

Liz Brantley has a gift she wants to return.

Able to see and fight demonic forces, she has spent her life alone, battling the minions of hell bent on her destruction, running from the God who gave her this curse. The demon Markus, drawn to her abilities, unleashes havoc on her hometown and pulls Liz further into the throes of battle.

She’s desperate for a normal life.

When she meets a mysterious man who seems unaware of the mystical realm that haunts her, the life she’s always wanted flits within reach. But her slice of normal slips from her grasp when an old flame, Ryland Vaughn, reappears with secrets of his own. Secrets that will alter her destiny.

Torn between two worlds, Liz is caught in an ancient war between good and evil.

And she isn’t sure which side to choose.

Author Head Shot Amy copy



And . . . a bit more about the author, Amy Brock McNew:

Amy Brock McNew doesn’t just write speculative fiction, she lives and breathes it. Exploring the strange, the supernatural, and the wonderfully weird, Amy pours her guts onto the pages she writes, honestly and brutally revealing herself in the process. Nothing is off-limits. Her favorite question is “what if?” and she believes fiction can be truer than our sheltered and controlled realities.

Visit to learn more about this intriguing author.

You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on her publisher’s website: L2L2





Let the screaming commence!

I know it has here!




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