How to write a book review…

I could not have said it better myself.


book review 4

The lack of commas was appalling…

Really? That’s what you want to convey about a book?

I’ve been writing book reviews for many years now . . . and it seems as if I’m always learning something new — and trying harder to make my reviews reflect only the author’s writing . . . the story, plot, characters, setting.

For I know something that others should know, but do not write as if they are aware — that the editors, proofreaders, publishers, printers, and most likely, many others working behind the scene — are responsible for the book cover, title, grammar, punctuation, typos, and other things related to producing and printing a book.

Unfortunately, your words — your review — makes the author look responsible.

book review 1

So why should the author be criticized for something they may have no control over?

No. Nope. Not going there.

I may not have known this when…

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