Who is Kayden | Part 1

Who is Kayden - Part 1


READER QUESTION: Obviously, the nature of Kayden’s character is to be secretive, but is there any insight you could give us about her?

Actually it’s interesting you should ask. Recently, my children and I were watching one of our new favorite movies and that topic came up.

This answer is going to be tricky since – due to copyright laws – I can’t mention anyone specifically by name, but I want to give you as much of the answer as I possibly can.

During the launch party for book 1 of the Order of the MoonStone series, several friends told me that they were reminded of a certain sais-toting superhero/assassin while reading about Kayden.

Since I can’t mention her name specifically, you may not get who I’m talking about, but many fans of comics might (and anyone who goes back to check out the conversations – which are still there in the event page – definitely should).

Chances are, the connection came from the fact that they are both assassins with a certain affinity for the color red.

To be honest, I did not see that comparison coming because – even though I know who she is – I did not model Kayden after her in the slightest; intentionally or otherwise.

I suppose I can see the connection . . . though Kayden was essentially forced into her profession, while our semi-heroine in red chose hers.

Ironically enough, while watching a more recent movie from the same franchise, I was struck with a revelation of my own – an honest-to-goodness AHA moment.

I watched another female superhero who had actually been forced into her assassin status relive some of her training through the ever popular tool of mental manipulation and I thought, Oh my word – she is Kayden. AHA!

And well, WOW! I really did not see that coming.

Once again, I did nothing intentionally to model Kayden after this woman . . . or the other . . . so I really did not understand how I was now seeing so many parallels between them.

But there are parallels – and it doesn’t really matter whether they are intentional or not.

When we look at where my superhero is today, she is nothing . . . absolutely nothing like Kayden. It is only her younger self that bears even a small resemblance to my own reluctant assassin.

And there is the key.

Actually, LOVE is the key.

If you have been following the series and/or have read the books, you know that Kayden was left on her own in Orum; the capitol city of Auralius when she was seven. We are not given many details about that and I’m afraid I cannot give you any here or I will ruin several key plot points that are already in place in future stories, but I can tell you that no one came looking for her – at least not anyone who should have found her.

Three years later, Kayden was attacked . . . and then she was saved . . . or was she?

She was set down a path not so different from our former Russian friend – one of espionage, a world of intrigue, reconnaissance and infiltration, a path of death . . . and destruction.

And the only thing that is different about the two is where their choices took them. One of them was forced to change – not because of life, but because of death. Someone was sent to kill her. She in turn, made a choice to change.

Kayden had no such motivation. She was sent to do a job. She was on no one’s radar. She was in no danger herself – except, of course, in the event of failure.

So, what exactly was her motivation to make a different call?


It probably sounds sappy . . . weak . . . and far too easy a way out of a tricky situation.

But, of course it’s not.

It’s actually one of the most difficult decisions a person can ever make. To love someone – really love them – takes determination, dedication and deep sacrifice.

Not to mention . . . Kayden’s choice comes with the very real possibility that she will sacrifice her own life in order to save the one she loves.

Weak . . . I don’t think so.

But you decide.

And check back soon for part two of this discussion.

©JC Morrows 2016

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