Let me first say that I began reading another response to your letter (AN OPEN LETTER TO REY FROM STARE WARS) – which is how I found your letter.

To my readers – I am sorry about the bad language in the linked article. 

Second, let me say THANK YOU!


Kayden Quote ARA 1


OK . . . now that all the people who detested your letter have gone . . .


I have read The Twilight series. I’ve read The Selection series. In fact, my series has been compared multiple times to The Selection series. I’ve seen at least a third of the movies you mentioned in your article – and I have to say . . . I agree with you.

It is exhausting to feel forced into an unnatural position and into uncomfortable behavior – but we do it . . . because we think we are supposed to. You know all of that. You covered all of that.

What I really want to say is this . . .

I have been worried since September of last year that I had written a less than stellar story – because it did not follow the standard theme that so many do these days . . . The Hunger Games . . . The Divergent Series . . . the list goes on and on and on . . .

However, I wrote my story according to the Holy Spirit’s leading – so, of course it doesn’t really matter that it doesn’t follow society’s norms. Maybe it’s better that it doesn’t . . .

Yes, quite a few readers have mentioned how much they LOVE Kayden – because she is NOT so much like all those other women. But there have also been readers who detested her because she was weaker than they would expect of a trained assassin.


So, you can imagine my excitement when I read your article!






So, THANK YOU! And BLESS YOU for calling out to other men . . . and women!


And now I am going to celebrate!

I did what God wanted me to do. I wrote a REAL character. I wrote a HUMAN character! I wrote a heroine who uses her training and her skills and her agility, but doesn’t go around doing things that a tiny woman who spent several years of her life living on the streets . . . malnourished . . . couldn’t possibly do.

She is human. She is small in stature. She is thin. She is strong, but she does not have superhuman strength.

And now that I’ve given away some things I didn’t intend to give away for at least one more book, I’m going to stop.

But thank you.

And may I say again . . .



~ JC Morrows

©JCMorrows 2016

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