Who wants to be a part of the #OOTM #StreetTeam | #influencer

Do you enjoy reading?

Do you enjoy reading Young Adult Dystopian fiction with a Steam-Theme?

Do you enjoy writing reviews… and telling your friends… about great books?

Have you added A Perilous Assignment, A Reluctant Assassin, A Cunning Masquerade, A Treacherous Decision, A Dangerous Love, A Desperate Escape or A Covert Alliance to your to-read shelf…

Would you want to?



If you answered yes to all (or at least most) of the questions above and the description for the book(s) sounds like something you would enjoy reading, you should consider applying to join the Street Team!

What is involved in being a street team member?

  • Reading
  • Reviewing
  • Telling your friends about the book
  • helping to spread the word about sales, giveaways, parties, etc . . .
  • SHH! Getting an early look at each book before it is released to the general public.

If you have not yet read anything from the series, my first suggestion would be to subscribe to my newsletter HERE.

Once you have done that, I will send you a link to download a FREE copy of A Perilous Assignment – a BONUS short that introduces the series and its main female character . . . as well as the shadowy organization that sends her to assassinate Prince Dvarius.

If you have already read that story and possibly even the first full-length book: A Reluctant Assassin (which released September 29th, 2015), fill out the application below and submit it – so we can get this team going!


This is a limited time offer since book 4 officially releases in October!


THANK YOU for your interest!

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©JCMorrows 2015

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