A Return to the genre of my heart!



I have been writing books for a little over five years now, but I’ve been a story-teller my entire life. I’ve always been a bookworm. I started reading at four and I haven’t stopped since.

The first novel I completed was a straight-up epic fantasy series. I started it and it dragged for over a year before something finally clicked! And oh WOW! When it did . . . it was CRAZY! I would write for literally hours without stopping. I actually had a stretch with book 2 where I wrote 17,000+ words in about 12 hours. That was, without a doubt, the MOST difficult experience I’ve had to date. It’s a long story that essentially boils down to I had to write something I didn’t want to and so I forced myself to get it all out before I could talk myself out of it.

I still want to go back and find a way to change it, but I’ve yet to find a way to do so without compromising story! Some days it really stinks to be an author.

Anyway, I’m off the point. No surprise there.

So I finished my first novel . . . and my second . . . and most of my third . . . and the first in another series . . . and various other stories (including several novels I write under another name), but all of these books were just sitting there.

And I was struggling one day with a story. It was going exactly NOWHERE – when God smacked me over the head with a story.

It was nothing like what I had already written. It was not really fantasy. It was seriously young adult (which I was desperately trying to avoid). It was about an assassin – for crying out loud . . .

So, anyway, NOTHING like what I normally write . . . nothing like what I want to write . . . but I HAD TO write it. I seriously HAD TO! And it was a struggle . . . really.

I mean – my fingers could hardly keep up with my brain and the insane amount of words flowing from my fingertips through the keyboard and onto the screen in front of me. That’s one reason I have NEVER doubted that God gave me this story – because it was flowing too fast for me to think about it. I wrote an entire series, 5+ books worth, in SIX weeks.

The definition of insanity. Yep, that was me. I was a crazy person!

At any rate . . . I’m getting long winded again. The point is that I ended up publishing that first. S&G is a relatively new, slightly small press, but the books are getting a good amount of attention and I have to believe that has more to do with God’s plan than anything I’ve done!

And I am very excited to start on my next project – which releases November of this year. It’s much more in line with what I write.

But the real reason I am here today is that I have finally landed on a concept that is NEAR and DEAR to my Fantasy lovin’ heart and I am BEYOND thrilled!

I can’t tell you very much about it, but there might be a clue in that banner up top if you look hard enough – and I can hardly wait to share more with you about it! It’s VERY exciting!!!

I have so missed my beloved Fantasy genre, and I am absolutely tickled to get back to it!

I mean . . . there are elements of fantasy in everything I write. It’s at the very heart of my imagination. Why wouldn’t it be delicately woven into everything that comes from my more-than-slightly crazed brain?

Of course it would!

It’s just that this new project is 100% Fantasy! It’s the real deal. And it has EVERYTHING I LOVE in a fantasy adventure novel (maybe even series)!

I am quite simply itching to share it with you!

And I will. I promise. As soon as I possibly can!



Until then, I hope you’ll check out the rest of my books – especially the FREE ones!




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