Argument Clinic: Christ’s DNA

I know this is an old argument, but I want to throw a couple of logs on the ashes. . . see if we can get a spark.

First log) One glaringly obvious thing that I always wanted to point out to my biology teachers/professors in school (did only once – didn’t go over well):

We ALL came from 2 people.

Every single human on this planet could – if the records existed – trace their DNA back to Adam & Eve.

That means every single possible gene combination would have to be in every single person’s DNA. . . somewhere – even though biologists tell us that’s impossible.

Of course, Human DNA is so long and complex, that they need supercomputers just to analyze it in its entirety – and I can guarantee you they’re making a lot of assumptions when they do this.

Which leads me to my second log: Scientists like to act. . . talk. . . think. . . that they know everything there is to know about science, but every few years they come out with a major discovery – that completely demolishes their previous conclusions. They just like to “sound like” they know everything about it.

Go Ask The Platypus

Have you ever seen Monty Python’s Argument Clinic sketch?

“Pardon me, is this the five-minute argument or the full half hour?”

In the spirit of arguing for amusement, I present what I hope will become a weekly staple…

The Argument Clinic!

…in which, I choose a random topic that has been bouncing about in my cerebral cortex and pick a fight with the interwebs. Heaven knows, I have plenty of material.

This weeks topic is Christ’s DNA.

I read a book some years ago called Blood of Heaven by Bill Myers in which Christ’s DNA is discovered on a scrap of fabric. The blood is then transplanted via bone marrow into the body of a murderer who escaped death row by allowing himself to become a lab rat. Following this premise, say we did find the DNA of Jesus somewhere. My question for the interwebs is this: would the DNA…

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