Argument Clinic: Christ’s DNA

I know this is an old argument, but I want to throw a couple of logs on the ashes. . . see if we can get a spark.

First log) One glaringly obvious thing that I always wanted to point out to my biology teachers/professors in school (did only once – didn’t go over well):

We ALL came from 2 people.

Every single human on this planet could – if the records existed – trace their DNA back to Adam & Eve.

That means every single possible gene combination would have to be in every single person’s DNA. . . somewhere – even though biologists tell us that’s impossible.

Of course, Human DNA is so long and complex, that they need supercomputers just to analyze it in its entirety – and I can guarantee you they’re making a lot of assumptions when they do this.

Which leads me to my second log: Scientists like to act. . . talk. . . think. . . that they know everything there is to know about science, but every few years they come out with a major discovery – that completely demolishes their previous conclusions. They just like to “sound like” they know everything about it.

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