Movies just aren’t what they used to be. . .

What happened to the days when movie studios were honest and up-front about what kind of movie they were presenting…

What happened to the days when a movie studio catered to a specific audience… and didn’t try to trick viewers who would normally steer clear of certain genres into watching?

They sneak previews for movies filled with gore and violence into the commercial breaks of wholesome family shows. They front-load movies meant for teen audiences with trailers for R-rated movies that teens aren’t supposed to be able to get into. And they advertise trashy horror movies as “sci-fi”… hoping to trick as many fans of the genre as possible to give the movie a chance – just enough to pad their opening weekend with numbers that make their farce look like a success.

I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised that the same people who blatantly misrepresent history and heros and the founding fathers of this country for nothing more than the almighty buck, would be so sneaky as to advertise and represent the movie… and make the teasers for said movie look like a sci-fi adventure – when it’s really nothing more than a nasty horror movie making a mockery of what true sci-fi fans would otherwise enjoy.


No amount of dazzling special effects or clever camera angles . . . or even the typically superb performances of much lauded actresses will convince me that this movie is worth more than the 3 minutes I spent on their fan page and the 30 seconds I watched of their trailer.

I call for a return to REAL storytelling! I long for the days of a well-constructed plot! I want more movies that will stand the test of time… films that our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will watch in awe and amazement.


Who’s with me?

©JCMorrows 2018

One thought on “Movies just aren’t what they used to be. . .

  1. Many movies and tv shows these days make me feel I was born in the wrong era. Because I want something far better! Mostly because they have way too much trash in them to make them worth my time. Don’t treat me like you have to make something dumb and over-the-top to get my attention (because, face it, you’re just trying to cover up how bad the movie actually is). On the flip-side, it makes the good ones shine like priceless gems, haha. In the end, I’m happier reading my novels… and ranting when some movie company takes a story and ruins it, as 90% of them do. 😉

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