Favorite Book Series | Kentucky Writer’s Conference workshop topic #3


THANK YOU Marissa, for your prompting of this week’s topic!


She mentioned one of my absolute favorite series in her comment and it inspired this topic. In the past, my Order of the MoonStone series has been compared to Kiera Cass‘s The Selection series. Now, while any similarities were absolutely not done on purpose, I am terribly flattered. I mean… WOW! I am a HUGE fan of Kiera’s work and it is so exciting to have my books compared to hers… WOW!

But I’m getting off track. . .


On to the topic for the week:

What are some of your favorite series and why?

– Is the main character male or female – and why?

– Would you prefer it to be the other way around – and why?



Feel free to answer in the comments below, but I hope you will also answer in the discussion thread over in the event page as well. HERE.

Your answers could be used in the upcoming workshop!

#TheSelection #OOTM #YAfiction #YAFantasy #YADystopian#FAVEseries


The above topic is part of my upcoming workshop at the Kentucky Writer’s Conference in April.

I hope you’ll join us at this FREE event.



Leading up to the event, I plan to post in the page about different topics of conversation–and I just might use some replies to those conversations in the actual workshop.

I hope you will check out the posts and join in the discussion as I continue to prep for the workshop in April.


©JCMorrows 2018


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