The Women of Star Wars | Kentucky Writer’s Conference workshop topic #4




Since we’re in a Star Wars mood this week. . .


Who here has seen the meme with Princess Leia staking her claim to being first?

Show of hands. . .


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE. EVERYTHING. ABOUT THIS!

And, not because of just this. . . but because of SO. MANY. THINGS. . . Leia is definitely my favorite!


Who is your favorite female heroine from the Star Wars pantheon and why?

What are some things that really stood out to you about each of our feisty female fighters?

Are there any traits you wish would have been left out of their characters. . . or added in?



#StarWars #EpicFantasy #Poll #FemaleHeroines #Character #Amidala #Jyn #Leia #Rey#Jedi #Princess #Smuggler #Rebel #Spy #Hero


The above topic is part of my upcoming workshop at the Kentucky Writer’s Conference in April.

I hope you’ll join us at this FREE event.



Leading up to the event, I plan to post in the page about different topics of conversation–and I just might use some replies to those conversations in the actual workshop.

I hope you will check out the posts and join in the discussion as I continue to prep for the workshop in April.


©JCMorrows 2018


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