Teen Fiction and Creative Language | Kentucky Writer’s Conference workshop topic #5


And Betsy Schow is a prime example of just how it can be done!


Being relevant, contemporary and hip does not have to mean that your book cannot be a clean read!

SPELLED, WANTED and BANISHED are the books of Betsy’s Storymakers series – and though I’ve not read all three (yet), I get the feeling they’ll all have the twisted, silly and inventive swear words.

So, all of those authors who say their story has to have real profanity to be real, pay attention to this. You can ALWAYS find a way to be creative enough to make it work – and in the case of the snarky Princess Dorothea, you can also make it humorous.

This is, I feel, a very important topic when talking about teen/tween fiction. Children and teens have enough stress in their lives and enough crap they will have to deal with in the world. They don’t need unnecessary nastiness in their novels.


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The above topic is part of my upcoming workshop at the Kentucky Writer’s Conference in April.

I hope you’ll join us at this FREE event.



Leading up to the event, I plan to post in the page about different topics of conversation–and I just might use some replies to those conversations in the actual workshop.

I hope you will check out the posts and join in the discussion as I continue to prep for the workshop in April.


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