TONS of NEWS! [for anyone who does not get my newsletter]

I have SO MUCH HUGE NEWS for you!

New books have released!
New series are COMING!
TONS of EXCITING events coming up!

There’s just SOOOO MUCH!

You have waited long enough (and so patiently)!



Escape After E.L.E. is AVAILABLE!!!
Who else is excited!
I know I AM!

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And, if you haven’t read part 1 yet, you should start there!
Life After E.L.E. (Frozen World book 1)
Kindle | iBooksKobo | Nook | Universal

Second. . . I have a NEW series.


This is NOTHING like any other book I have written.

At the same time, it is perhaps the most intensely personal book I have EVER written! The main character in The Alien’s Daughter is not me, though I REALLY wish she were. I am totally not that cool! However, the story in this book is very much the explanation I have imagined so many times for the miserable relationship between myself and my dad. I have always sort of felt like an alien among the humans around me.

The Alien’s Daughter is AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW!!!

And that’s not all! You have a unique opportunity to snag 2 very limited edition Pre-Order BONUS items!

The FIRST 50 paperback Pre-Orders (who send their address and a screenshot or photo of their receipt to admin @ will  receive a LIMITED EDITION print and a signed bookplate!


Third. . .

I have SOOO many events coming up.

April 28, 2018: White Pine Books Author, Art & Craft Fair



May 8, 2018: C.L. Cannon’s COVER REVEAL PARTY
(ONLINE – Facebook)

May 11 – 13, 2018: New Midland Plaza Spring Fair



May 19, 2018: Knox County Library presents the Children’s Festival of Reading!



June 9, 2018: FandomCon
-where I will be presenting From Supergirl to Bella Swan
(my wildly popular Southern Kentucky bookfest workshop)

And that’s just a few.
For more info on these events and all the others, check out my EVENTS page!

A Reluctant Assassin was by far and away my most popular title at the Southern Kentucky BookFest!

And the perfect place to start the Order of the MoonStone series…


Have you read it yet?

What if Cinderella had been sent to kill the Prince?

Kayden never thought of herself as the Belle of the ball, but she finds herself in the royal palace, surrounded by society darlings – and the only thing she has in common with them is that they’re all vying for the Prince.

They’re after his crown… She’s after his head.


Well, I’m off. Deadlines to meet. Stories to finish. Tons to do! See ya later!


Have a fantastic week & happy reading!

As always, feel free to hit reply. I love hearing from my readers!

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