What book(s) ignited your love of reading

I recently saw a question on my FB newsfeed that caught my attention. Surprisingly, it was a tricky answer to form, and it depends a great deal on your perspective, I suppose.



Most people, when faced with this question, tend to think about the first book that they read.

I, however, had a slightly different experience than most people because I did not truly fall in love with reading over a book that I read. It only took a look at the AMAZING cover to make me itch to get my hands on the story within those pages and fall madly in love with books!

To truly understand this factoid about me, you have to know that the first few years of my life, I was extremely sheltered from the outside world. I learned to read at a very early age, but due to a horrifying experience at school (with several teachers no less), the LOVE of reading was somewhat quelled for many years to follow.

The first book I SAW that I fell in love with was The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey.


The first book I READ that made me fall in love with books was Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern also by Anne McCaffrey. WEBSITE


I was about 10 when I saw the stunning cover: Rowan, resplendent on her chair that looks much like a throne, with all that wide open space and the hulking mass of Jupiter behind her.

It was a big, beautiful hardbound book that we couldn’t possibly afford, but I remembered everything about that book. . . and a year or so later, when I saw that author’s name again, this time on a book cover that showed a woman astride a golden dragon, I KNEW I HAD TO HAVE IT!

I mean… DRAGONS!

That book ignited an unending obsession with dragons and I started collecting Anne’s books, first the Dragonriders of Pern series, and then the Tower and Hive series.

Anne McCaffrey, more than any other author has fueled not only my imagination, but my love of books and reading. And there is no better – in my opinion – role-model than this quirky, headstrong trendsetter who forged ahead when everyone told her she could not possibly succeed. She wrote what she wanted to write and she carved out a truly unforgettable reputation for herself in a field that had never truly welcomed a female writer.

Is it really any wonder she’s my hero. . .


What author or book series has fueled your imagination? What book started your love of reading?


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