Looking back, Reading Troll reviews, and feeling a kinship I never expected with an author whose league I am nowhere near!

book review 4
I received a notification a bit ago from Goodreads – and it has done MUCH to bolster my confidence. 

Anyone who knows me, knows THAT is a tall order.

Those of us who write for small presses or indie publish tend to forget that the New York Times Bestselling authors and the USA Today Bestselling authors who have THOUSANDS of reviews and INSANE SALES figures – at times – get their work torn to shreds too.

The review that I wrote sometime ago was one that I knew at the time would be controversial and I have BLESSEDLY been spared nasty and rude comments thus far – but in glancing through some of the other reviews that have been left (scanning the page and scrolling quickly due to a MASSIVE amount of rudeness or nasty language), I find my own confidence is much restored.

This author – who has sold MILLIONS of copies in dozens of countries and translations is still at the mercy of reviewers picking on her for the pricing (which anyone who stops to think about it KNOWS she has NO CONTROL OVER – ONLY indie publishers control their prices… and even then, you only have a range you can control), for the fact that the book was packaged with the original book (again – the publisher controls this) and for the crazy idea she had to begin with.

Don’t they realize she only wrote what the publisher asked her to?

Don’t they realize she was trying to do something to make a point?

Don’t they realize she wrote the story that was in HER… not anyone else?

No, they don’t seem to.

If they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. WHAT is the point of picking at someone just because you don’t want to read their book! (begins to understand the crazy algorithms Amazon keeps changing to keep these trolls out)


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