I am not a Plotter. Must I be a Pantser?

Once upon a time on a typewriter

Recently, I collaborated with a fellow writer on a blog post about writing styles. I am quite pleased with the post we wrote but I am still at odds with this idea of Plotter vs Pantser.

First let me say this:
I have never been a fan of labels. That’s just me. So right away the label of “pantser” bugs me. Add to that my general disdain for the phrase that bred this particular label and you begin to see my position. Round things off with the fact that I only wear skirts (nope. No shorts or pants… even in hot weather) and you’ll be all caught up.

So why did I write the article?

I wrote it for several reasons. First the obvious… exposure.
As a writer, I need exposure. I need to get my name out there. People need to be able to see samples of my writing. How else can they decide whether or not to buy my books when I get one published? The publishing industry has changed a great deal with the introduction of online publishing and eBooks and with self-publishing being made so simple.

Therefore, it only makes sense to get as many samples of your writing style out there for people/readers/publishers/agents/fans to see and read and learn to LOVE!

Also, I love to write. I am writing my novels with the hopes of garnering a fantastic publishing deal so that I can make a living doing what I love – but blogging gives me the added advantage of doing something I love for free. And I get to write about whatever I want. I’m not a slave to any editor (other than my own personal editor who delights in pointing out typos and mistakes).

But above all of that, I need the constant, everyday practice and work of writing. I need to hone my skills. I need the opportunity to stretch my ability, to explore my talents and to push my comfort zone.

Blogging does that for me.

And blogging with a fellow writer – BONUS for two reasons… double exposure AND I’m learning to collaborate at the same time. Collaborating is a difficult thing to master and this is an excellent place to start.

So what is my true writing style you ask? The answer I most want to give is that I have no particular style. I go with the flow, completely. I have rough drafts for at least a dozen other books, outlines for at least as many more and as many again in synopsis form.

And I skip around. When one book isn’t working for me – instead of getting hung up by writer’s block – I go work on something else.

I plan but I also go with the flow. I follow inspiration but I do have a destination in mind. I don’t box myself in but I do have an idea of where my story is going to end. I thought that was what all writers did. At least, writers of fiction…

However, if you simply must apply a label to my style, I suppose you could call me a “flexer” – as in, I am flexible (sometimes to the extreme). I make it a point to be flexible. If something I have planned doesn’t work, I happily discard it and try something else. If I’m having trouble getting a good start, I stop and sketch out ideas and try to formulate a plan in the hopes that it will propel me forward. In short, I use whatever works for me at the time, in that moment to get where I want to go with my ideas.

I am a writer.

Does it really matter what my style is? Especially if you like it!

© J. C. Morrows 2013

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God Bless You!

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