I really needed this today!


As anyone who follows me knows, I have been working on a novel (several actually) for quite a while. I am a single mom and, while I have the support of my mother (and occasionally my father) to lean on, we exist in a ridiculously tight budget.

This Is why I cry when people tell me I need to invest in professional editing and writers conferences if I ever hope to get published. I literally cannot afford these things.

I do not mean can’t afford in the sense of our credit cards are all maxed out and we just don’t have the extra cash. I mean… we don’t use credit and we have to use our cash to pay for things like food and electricity.

Now, let’s leave the pity party shall we.

I read an article this morning that I really needed! I have toyed with the idea lately of giving up writing… of going backward. Well, no more! This amazing article has infused me with renewed hope and verve!

Everyone should read this wonderful article. You can find it HERE!

Betsy, thank you so much! You are such a blessing! I thank God for you and this fantastic message!

OK. Back to writing then.

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God Bless You!

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