Writers… real writers, don’t need to learn how to write. We need help editing, rewriting or getting published.

20130828-100216.jpgI am still fairly new to social media but I can not help noticing something amiss in the world of blogging.

Has anyone else noticed all the “learn to write” articles, courses and advertisements posted every day? Or is it just me? I don’t just mean one a day either. More like twenty new ones every day.

While I can appreciate that there are people out there who need them, why do they outnumber the articles written about how to find an agent or how to write a good query letter 50 to 1?

And why are so many of them being aimed at writers? We know how to write. Most of us know how to edit or know to find someone to help us with editing. What we need help with is publishing. We need real advice, real suggestion, real examples of how well-known authors went about getting published. And reading about what an author who has sold all of a hundred copies did will not help us…obviously. Why can’t we get those kind of articles/blog posts?

And this next question is purely supposition. Please no one get mad or think I’m picking on you… because I’m not.

Is it because writers don’t want to share their secrets?

OK! Wait! Put down the pitchforks. Let me finish. I do not think that’s it. I really truly don’t. Honestly, writers are so busy (even unpublished ones) they just don’t have time to write tons of articles about their secrets to success. And that’s usually the way we want it. We don’t want them blogging or writing articles or doing anything other than writing! We want their next book!

However it does bring forward the opportunity for unknown (but still published) writers to tell us all about their own secrets to (success?) in publishing. And those are not generally very helpful to those of us who need the help. Unless all we want is a mediocre deal and relative obscurity, of course.

The bone I have to pick is really with agents. They write/publish/blog all the time with “tips” and “secrets” for writing but do they help us with querying or publishing?

Not really, no. And they are the best ones in a position to help.

With all of that in mind; I vow that when I get a publishing deal, I will keep a journal of how I did it. And then I will blog (not make you shell out $20 for a biography) about it all! I will post an actual copy of the successful query letter, synopsis and anything else I submitted (except the whole MS… might get into trouble over that one). It’s the least I can do to thank the writers and the readers who have helped me along the way!

Until then, I’m going to keep writing, keep editing and keep looking for helpful tips on the how to successfully publish. Because I know how to write. LOL!


© J.C. Morrows 2013

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God Bless You!

2 thoughts on “Writers… real writers, don’t need to learn how to write. We need help editing, rewriting or getting published.

  1. Exactly! I am wondering how to find an editor, how to know if they’re good, and what is worth paying for cover design and such. Not how to write. There are so many articles and courses out there, and sure, I’ve taken advantage of a few. However, what I really need to know is how to get published.


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