Sneak Peek at my NaNoWarmUp Story!


A Girl, A Creepy House, A Challenge:
Will Fear win out over God’s Love?

She’s walked by that house every day since she was ten. The kids in the neighborhood insist it’s haunted or that an old, evil witch lives there.

But she accepted a challenge and she never backs down from a challenge.

Will she be able to follow through? Will her love for God give her the strength to do what her friends think she can’t?

Or will she let fear stop her?

We see so many creepy Halloween stories now and I feel led to write a NON-Halloween story!

I hope you like the idea!

Watch here for updates on how well I’m doing with the story and how you can read it when it’s done!

God Bless!

© J.C. Morrows 2013

Disclaimer: I have no control over the ads you may see below. I am sorry if any of the content is inappropriate.

God Bless You!

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