Daily word count for NaNoWriMo WarmUp: UPDATED


I’m going to keep anyone who is interested updated on my progress in the October writing challenge: NaNoWarmup here! So keep watch!

10/01/13 – 1079 words!

10/02/13 – 1887 (That’s 808 for today)

10/03/13 – 2937 (That’s 1,050 today) WHOO!

10/04/13 – 3500 (563…not bad at all)

10/05/13 – 4525 (1,025. ahead again. YAY!)

10/06/13 – 5444 ( 919 for today!)

So in the first 6 days, I should have had 4,800 and I have 5,444. I like that. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up but so far, I’m ahead. YAY!

10/07/13 – 6352

10/08/13 – 6702

10/09/13 – 6707

10/10/13 – 6707

Notice those last 3 didn’t move much…
Migraines stink.

10/11/13 – 7914 (that’s 1207! WHOO! I’ll get it caught back up.)

10/12/13 – 8555 (See twitter for my funny comments about Sprintus Interuptus)

I’m so glad this is going as well as it is. I’ve always been a very erratic writer. I skip around in the story. I write 2,000 words one night and 200 the next two weeks. I get stuck for days at a time. Etc…

But this is flowing right along. It’s exciting!

You can also follow my progress on Twitter: @JCMorrows.


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God Bless You!

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