Yes I know it’s late. But it’s here and that’s what counts.

Yes, I’m late but I finally got the thing up. OK…
It was an honest mistake, I promise.


I’m not going to go on too much but I do want to talk about something I tweeted about recently.

A friend of mine has discovered something about her #NaNoWriMo story and I congratulate her because it’s one of the things that tells a person whether they are REALLY a creative writer or not.

Have you ever reached a point in the story where the character’s voice in your head says something you didn’t expect or they do something you did not see coming? Yes? Then YOU are REALLY a creative writer my friend.

A real creative writer knows that this happens a lot. We discover in that moment that the story we are writing down is not ours like we thought it was. It is the character’s story. The characters lead the story and a real creative writer has no choice but to follow.

And to anyone who writes and has not had that happen before – examine your past work, think back to what you’ve written? Were you letting your imagination and the creative muse guide you or were you just putting words on paper by rote?

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God Bless You!

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