ME vs HER: The Week 2 Blues!

I got an e-mail today from NaNoWriMo about the second week being so hard on us WriMos.

Apparently the first week is flush with success and in the second week, we tend to slow down and start struggling.

daily wordcounts

A friend of mine is also participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time this year and we have had opposite experiences thus far.

I was like the post from NaNo…

I was flush with success for the first weekend. I wrote above and beyond my goals each day and the story was flowing. The weekdays brought slightly smaller word-counts but I was still well above my goal.

This week however, has been a constant struggle. I’m not sure if it was the three-day holiday weekend that threw me off or just the week 2 blues but I am officially struggling.

I had made my goal 70,000 words but now I’d be thrilled to be on track for 50.

My friend on the other hand, has had the opposite happen to her.

She struggled the first weekend to get to the daily goal. She sat at the computer for many many hours to just barely make it each day. The week came and her word counts went way down. She was not meeting the daily goals. In fact, she was getting behind. She is still behind but…

This week has seen success for her. She has met her daily goals and she is gaining ground on the overall goal.

She actually had an amazing day today. She wrote more than 3,000 words!

I’m jealous.

But I am thrilled for her!

And I am NOT giving up!

I will go on! I will power through!

I will…go back to writing now.

See you tomorrow.

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God Bless You!

6 thoughts on “ME vs HER: The Week 2 Blues!

      1. Thanks! It’s not easy but I’m doing better than I expected to. And I’m sure my friend is too.

        It’s the first year for both of us.

        I wasn’t sure I could do it but so far, even if I’m not where I wanted to be, I am doing it.



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