Why are weekends so hard?

IMG_1145I have a theory.

I think the weekends are so much harder for some of us because of how families typically structure their weeks. For most people who work through the week, they struggle to get their minimum word count each night and a lot of nights, they don’t make it. They’re tired and stressed from the work-day so that makes perfect sense.

On the weekend, most of these people might spend a lot of time sleeping in or hanging out but they have so much more time during the day that they can devote to writing too.

Anyone sick of me complaining yet?

HA HA! I have another week of NaBloPoMo posts to write so it’s probably not the last one I will write that showcases my whiny!

OK, Back on task now:

In my case, I’m home during the day. I am fortunate enough to have children who like to sleep in so I have time before they get up to work on writing. And then I can usually do some writing in the evening too.

But the weekends…

On the weekend, we have errands to run and family time to spend and writing comes in last place. So I don’t get to play catch up on the weekends.

I get to play catch up during the week and I can only try to “keep up” during the weekends.

Thank goodness there’s only this one left.

Because I plan to be done BEFORE Next Saturday!

© J.C. Morrows 2013

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God Bless You!

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