“The Taken” | Book 1 in The Andarii Chronicles

The Taken Cover 6-27-14
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Gwyn wasn’t your average single mom but she never expected to find herself on a strange alien world, dragged into a war she knows nothing about – fighting alongside the very aliens who snatched her away from her family.


“The Taken” is the first book of The Andarii Chronicles series.

The main characters is Gwynivere Grey.

She is a single (widowed) mother of two, her mother also lives with them.


The Taken is based on the idea that God created other peoples on other planets orbiting other stars out there in the universe.

There is a strong Christian world view that is embedded into the very heart of the story but it is first and foremost about Gwyn’s journey.


I am currently editing The Taken and working on book 2 of the series.

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