One reason I don’t want a movie… | An inside look at the fashions of “The Taken”

Most every author loves the idea, even the fantasy, of seeing their work up on the big screen. I am not one of them.

And let me tell you why…

I am the first one to admit that I am more than a little fond of my story. I’m crazy about my characters and the very idea of how this story came about is a favorite of mine.

And for a long time I dreamt about seeing that story up on the big screen.

But no more… And never again I think.

Gwyn is a mom – a moral and demure mom. She doesn’t wear tight clothing and she doesn’t sport plunging necklines. Even once she is no longer quite human, and fighting in a war she didn’t asked to be dragged into, she is still herself.

Her combat uniform has changed some over the course of my writing this series, but it never included skin-tight leather and lots of exposed skin.

The outfit is made of an alien material – remember – nothing we have here on Earth. Picture silky, shimmery but with the toughness of leather… but nothing is form-fitting. Every single piece has to be loose enough that she can move easily in it.

She even wears a skirt, with leggings underneath – so you don’t get to see any exposed leg when she’s fighting.

Her top is a wrap-around type of shirt that ties off at the waist and covers her from neck to naval and again… none of it is skin-tight.

Over top of all of this is a long coat that loosely resembles what we might think of as a range rider’s duster but again… Not form-fitting in any way.

Hollywood would like to say that the form-fitting, chest baring, skin-exposing outfits make more sense for fighting a war but when have you ever seen a U.S. Marine in skin-tight leather?

To this end, I have completely given up my hopes of ever seeing “The taken” on a big screen anywhere – which is OK because I can see it all in my head anyway.


©JC Morrows 2014

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