A Not so Parallel Universe… Or is it?


It has to be the strangest part of being a writer…

I sat at my laptop, watching the trailer for the movie “Interstellar” the other night and thought about “Life After E.L.E.” and “The Taken”… my Dystopian and speculative novels.


It is quite possibly the most surreal part of being a writer…

As my “other” self, I write Speculative and Dystopian Christian fiction, so I find “myself” in the midst of intergalactic wars and I find “myself” running for the gates of the city because to be locked out means death.

I say other because JC Morrows is my pen name. But in many ways it is really my true self. The Speculative and Dystopian are my first love, the “REAL” me.


So then I go back to the other side of my writing – where I write Amish fiction and the biggest concerns I have are whether I am using too many Pennsylvania Dutch phrases and am I making the described emotions too realistic and sensual to be believable for the Amish?


It is certainly the most insane part of my life as a writer…

All I can say is that it’s a really good thing I write Speculative because most days it’s like I live in two completely different, totally NON-parallel universes.


On the one hand I have… teenage girl watching her father die and then repeating the same mistake he did. Will she die horribly or find some way to survive on this planet that has become hostile to our very species?

On the other hand I have… widowed mother of two who is kidnapped by aliens, changed, memories wiped – trained to fight in a war she knew nothing about, did not volunteer for and had nothing to do with!

And on the other hand I have… young woman whose mother died when she was 5 – will her father ever remarry? Will she be able to accept this woman as her new mother? Will she ever find love herself?


Go ahead… tell me that’s normal for a writer.

Life and Death

Love, Loss, War, Aliens

The Buggy Brigade


© JC Morrows 2014

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