One reason I don’t want a movie… | An inside look at the morals of “The Taken”


Most every author loves the idea, even the fantasy, of seeing their work up on the big screen.

I am not one of them.

And let me tell you why…

I am the first one to admit that I am more than a little fond of my story. I’m crazy about my characters and the very idea of how this story came about is a favorite of mine.

And for a long time I dreamt about seeing that story up on the big screen.

But no more… And never again I think.


Fair warning: this post contains SPOILERS… so if you don’t like spoilers or it will annoy you to read further knowing you can’t actually get a copy of the book yet, stop here!


If you don’t mind spoilers… keep reading.


Gwyn is a widow – a woman of deep morals with a firm Biblical view of marriage. And – Oh yeah… she is in mourning. She lost her husband only a year before being yanked away from Earth – ironically enough – in a war.

Hollywood would like us to believe that things like this don’t matter on today’s climate. They would also argue with me, I’m sure, that when Gwyn’s memories are wiped – she would no longer remember her morals.

But believe me when I say… SHE DOES!

She is not a promiscuous person, never has been. She did not even date until she met her husband. They didn’t go through the form of courtship that is gaining popularity today but very close.

And her morals hold firm when she is dragged halfway across the Universe. Just because her memories are taken from her, does not change who she is. And she is a moral woman!

As a matter of fact, there is no romance in book 1 of this series.

WAIT! HOLD IT! Before you attack me… there is a hint of it and I hope that will satisfy those who are romantics at heart… But you have to remember that this series is, first and foremost, about the abduction and adaptation of Gwyn, the war she has been dragged into and her desperate desire to get back to her children!

And hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, when romance does rear it’s head in the series, it is likely to frustrate and infuriate many of you because it will not follow the norm – not at all! And there will be absolutely no description of anything that belongs behind closed doors.

And that is probably why Hollywood will steer clear of this book when they are searching for possible scripts to destroy – because I WILL BE the proverbial MOTHER BEAR when it comes to defending the integrity of MY story!

Which is why I have completely given up my hopes of ever seeing “The taken” on a big screen anywhere – which is OK because I can see it all in my head anyway.


©JC Morrows 2014

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