Street Team… Influencer Team… Launch Team…

JCMorrows Street Team LOGO PNGWho is interested in helping me LAUNCH my NEW book!

I need at least 12 bloggers to help me LAUNCH my new book series!

Who’s interested?



You will get an ADVANCE look at the cover and get to help me reveal it!

You will get a chance to proof read my story before it is released!

You will get first chance at my street team (which entails more goodies! free books, bookmarks, etc…)

You will get that gooey, gushy, warm, snuggly feeling that tells you that you have done a good thing! You will have helped an author! And you will have my eternal thanks! And virtual hugs… LOTS AND LOTS of virtual hugs!




~ JC


© JCMorrows 2015

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