Be careful what you do… on your phone


I have learned an important lesson… or maybe two – over the last 24 hours.

Yesterday, I received an invitation to attend the cover reveal party for Rachel Hauck’s newest book: The Wedding Chapel. When I went in to add the book to my shelf as a “want to read”… well, I was on my phone… and I accidentally hit 1 star.

Well of course, I immediately went to the page where I could edit my review and cleared the rating and breathed a sigh of relief. WHEW!

And then this morning…

Well this morning, I get my morning writing session out of the way, take a break and then go into twitter – where I see the tweet that showed up automatically from goodreads.


This entailed deleting the tweet and then posting a new one begging Rachel’s forgiveness. And then I go to Facebook and have to delete those too (I say those because twitter automatically goes to my FB author page too)

FUN… right…



At least it’s all fixed now. And I just pray that Rachel forgives me for what was seriously… honestly… a big huge mistake.

And now I pass along the warning to you as well.

BE CAREFUL what you do… on your phone.

~ JC



© JCMorrows 2015

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